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We got a lot of kind notes about the Volume Three pitch video, so I hope you guys don’t mind if I post one last thing about it!

The video was essentially a last-minute concept I came up with after viewing a bunch of old commercials. I wasn’t sure if Veronica would go for it on the basis of the song and script alone, so I gave her a list of scrambled directions to “draw some very basic doodles of these 25 Paulo x Jasmine scenes” and didn’t tell her why until I cut it all together. This rough (rough!) demo was the result, and it’s cute enough to share, I think!

We briefly entertained the thought of getting it animated, but… well. It’s like a lot of things - fast, good or cheap: pick two. So we skipped the animation idea going with zooms and pans instead… but weirdly enough, the VHS effect does a good job distracting you from the Babby’s First iMovie trappings, doesn’t it? As cool as a real cartoon would be, I think it was the right choice.

Anyway, just a bit of minutiae you guys might enjoy. Not long to go now!


We’re finally ready! Today we announce the Bittersweet Candy Bowl Volume Three Kickstarter project! It’s the best BCB book EVER:

  • TONS of new art and illustrations
  • Full color on EVERY PAGE
  • SHORT RECAP of heartbreaking CAT DRAMA
  • Heartbreaking CAT DRAMA
  • More rewards than ever and some REALLY CHEAP BUNDLE DEALS
  • All scheduled to be delivered BEFORE CHRISTMAS* (*for the US\Canada.)

We’ve been working on this since March this year, and it’s super exciting to finally launch this thing. It’s a short 18-day campaign, so don’t miss out!

We’d love to have your support!


Calling all people who once put up an Angelfire page with an “ANTI SALLY THE CHIPMUNK” badge: The Not Enough Rings Kickstarter Project is now running!

Take a look at our Segasonic comics! Maybe back for a book or T-Shirt! It’s way past cool!

BCB fans, please give our new Kickstarter project a look! Even if Sonic isn’t your thing (he should be!!) we’ve included our new BCB card game, “Upstage” as a reward level which may be of interest to you because it’s fun and cool!