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Anonymous asked: Taeshi (author of BCB), which questions do you plan on answering? It seems that you don't answer all of them...

Posting out-of-character for a sec.


There are many repetitive questions people submit every day that I will never answer. Please read this list of questions before sending a question in, and try to come up with something different:

  • Questions for Lucy. She’s not present in the comic right now, so she won’t be in Ask Roseville High either.
  • Questions about McCain, Tess, and any fancharacters (Carter, Carson, Kizuna, etc). Just don’t bother, they will not be answered and are promptly deleted.
  • That also goes for the constant stream of questions about the status of Sue and McCain.
  • Questions about Mike’s “jerkitude”. There has been an answer published about this, and it’s the only answer you’ll get. Mike would simply freak out over the hate, and it’s just repetitive to belabour the point.
  • Questions about who Paulo would “pick”. That’s been answered multiple times already, in different forms.
  • Questions about Jess having a crush on Lucy. Come on, you guys gotta be more original!
  • Questions aimed at me (Taeshi). That’s what the BCB Tumblr blog is for!
  • Questions that are basically direct spoilers for whatever chapter is currently going on at the time. This should be obvious!
  • Questions featuring everyone or large groups of characters. This makes an answer a lot harder for me to turn out quickly, so unless you have a really great idea, please specify characters individually, in small numbers.

HOPE THIS HELPS. You can submit whichever questions you like, but this gives you a guide as to the ones I will scroll past when culling the list down into ones I want to answer. Thank you for reading this, I appreciate it!

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