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To celebrate our new BCB Tumblr blog, we’re doing a big Ask Roseville High sale and giveaway! Here’s the deal:

***THE SALE*** Want a copy of Ask Roseville High and some good karma? That’ll be $6 shipping. No fees, no taxes, no actual cover price, just $6. (US only.) We’ll use half of that to ship you a copy, and the other half to give away another book on your behalf!

***THE GIVEAWAY*** Follow our new blog and reblog this post for a chance at a free copy paid for by the people who spent $6!

A cute book to read and the warm fuzzy feeling of giving the same to a fellow Tumblr user for just $6 — whatta deal! We’ll love you too, for helping us clear some inventory and get these lovely books out. Win-win-win!

Rules for the giveaway:

  • You will need a US-based delivery address. (Shipping is pricy.. sorry!)
  • Please use your real blog, help more people see this!
  • Remember to follow our new BCB blog and help it grow!
  • You must use this form after reblogging so we can contact you.
  • No guarantees or liability accepted — but we’ll be as fair and random as we can.
  • Sale and giveaway ends Saturday, August 9 at 11:59pm EST.
  • Buyers will receive a shipping notification by late August. Giveaway winners will be notified by email around the same time.

Good luck, and be generous! BUY HERE.

Welcome to the newest BCB blog!


Hello! is gonna be a casual place for us (Veronica and Oliver) to post BCB-related stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else: sketches we find, photos from cons, fanart reblogs, whatever we think is fun!

EVERYONE READING THIS. If you follow Ask Roseville High, you totally need to follow this new blog too! We are leaving Ask Roseville High for responses alone, and will use for everything else — art, photos, giveaways, author questions, weird BCB stuff you might like, whatever!!


Here are a few highlights from the BCI drawing request stream we did last weekend! We love doing these things and are working on ideas to do more in the future, maybe as a regular thing!

Of course, we should also note that Ask Roseville High is on hiatus for the time being. We don’t have any answers left in the buffer. Keep sending in questions and Vero will get around to drawing the answers eventually, but there’s no date for now.

Remember, the comic starts a new chapter tomorrow, and you can follow the bcbcomic Tumblr blog for updates!

From now until May 30 we’re planning something special for Bittersweet Club International members! If you sign up, you’ll not only get all these special comics to read…

But you’ll also get the opportunity to post a BCB drawing request to be drawn by Vero in a huge long livestream we have planned. It’s all to help us better afford to rent a new apartment (which we really really hope to find and move into next month.)

Subscriptions are $39 and last for a year — and you’ll get gifts in the mail, access tons of exclusive member-only comics (a whole book’s worth!) and, of course, an art request, for free! If you like getting the most out of the money you spend on webcomics, it is a super good deal — way more exclusive content than even we put into our books.

We’ll post about the stream here when it happens. But until then, if you could contribute we’d really appreciate your support!