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From now until May 30 we’re planning something special for Bittersweet Club International members! If you sign up, you’ll not only get all these special comics to read…

But you’ll also get the opportunity to post a BCB drawing request to be drawn by Vero in a huge long livestream we have planned. It’s all to help us better afford to rent a new apartment (which we really really hope to find and move into next month.)

Subscriptions are $39 and last for a year — and you’ll get gifts in the mail, access tons of exclusive member-only comics (a whole book’s worth!) and, of course, an art request, for free! If you like getting the most out of the money you spend on webcomics, it is a super good deal — way more exclusive content than even we put into our books.

We’ll post about the stream here when it happens. But until then, if you could contribute we’d really appreciate your support!


drew some candy cats

We met Mabel at Anime Boston over the weekend and not only did she astound us with her BCB superfandom and cosplay but she’s an excellent artist too! Just look at these!